About Us

The COVID-19 Foot Registry is focused on collecting and analyzing data about the effects of COVID-19 on the feet. At the time of this writing, the coronavirus disease is a pandemic that has infected millions taken the lives of many thousands.

This registry relies on the public and physicians to supply information about how the coronavirus is affecting the feet. It was started by Dr. Michael Nirenberg, a podiatrist and its current Director, in mid-April of 2020. Closely assisting with this project is Dr. Marc Brenner, also a podiatrist, who is the Chair of the Advisory Board. Other notable physicians have become involved, serving on the Advisory Board.

The expectation is that information will be learned from the data collected that may help in the treatment of COVID-19, as well in potentially recognizing early signs of the virus, possibly present before other symptoms are present. Additionally, this knowledge may become useful in addressing future viral disease outbreaks or recurrent COVID-type occurrences.

We appreciate the assistance of physicians, podiatrists, dermatologists and other healthcare personnel, and even members of the public who have contributed to the Registry.


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